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5 Benefits of Family Therapy for Mental Health Care

mom and daughter experiencing the benefits of family therapy

Family plays a significant role in the development of children’s mental well-being. They can help teens learn how to cope with changing feelings and emotions or hinder their development through neglect, ignorance, or emotional abuse. One of the many benefits of family therapy is that it can help improve your teen’s mental well-being. A family therapy program can help improve your teen’s chances of recovery and help everyone in the family lead a happy and productive life.

At Imagine Seattle, we help teens aged twelve to seventeen who struggle with behavioral and mental health issues. We employ a variety of therapy treatments to give your son or daughter the best chances at forming healthy coping skills to better understand their thoughts and emotions. Find out more about the benefits of family therapy by completing our online form or calling 888.346.0473 today to speak with our caring staff.

5 Benefits of Family Therapy for Mental Health Care

1. Addiction and Mental Health Education

We help parents and siblings understand what mental health disorder your teen is struggling with and how to recognize the symptoms. This is the first step in assisting families in understanding what your teen is going through and how they can help.

2. Restoring Broken Relationships

Mental health issues can put a strain on any relationship. In some cases of addiction, patients experience powerful cravings that make searching for drugs or alcohol their only priority. A family therapy program will help restore the relationships between parents, siblings, friends, and significant others. These relationships become an essential part of success in recovery going forward.

3. A Strong Support System

Your teen will have the greatest chances of success with the help of their family and friends. Parents and siblings can help encourage their development while looking for warning signs that they are struggling with their mental health.

4. Improved Communication Skills

Talking with your family about your problems is not an easy thing to do. Today’s society teaches children to hide their feelings instead of sharing them. Family therapy for teens helps improve the communication skills of everyone in the family. Everyone will learn to openly talk about their feelings without getting angry or frustrated.

5. Relapse Prevention

If your teen also has a co-occurring addiction due to their mental health, a sober home for their recovery is necessary for teen mental health treatment. Through family therapy, teens will work with their families to create a stable and sober home environment conducive to their mental health recovery.

Therapy Programs at Imagine Seattle

At Imagine Seattle, we are here to help teens aged twelve to seventeen struggling with addiction or mental health disorders. We work with teens and their families to create a strong support system that they will rely on during and after their mental health treatment. We use a variety of therapy programs to help teens, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Crisis intervention
  • Teen relationship counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Mindfulness and meditation

Our Imagine Seattle team recognizes that each person is unique, so we collaborate with people in our care to create a customized treatment plan. This treatment plan provides the blueprint for genuine, long-lasting recovery.

Embrace the Benefits of Family Therapy at Imagine Seattle

If you’re interested in getting your teen son or daughter the help they need with their mental health disorder, reach out to Imagine Seattle. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality programs so that teens and their families can heal from addiction and mental health disorders together. Learn more about the many benefits of family therapy for mental health care by calling 888.346.0473 or filling out our convenient online form.