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Adolescent Treatment Services

In Seattle, WA

Assisting teens 12-17 years old struggling with behavioral and mental health conditions
Mental health conditions can begin to impact young adults by age 14. However, many mental health issues go undetected and untreated. Early intervention is essential, which is why Imagine Seattle offers effective, evidence-based treatment for adolescents.

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The physical, emotional, and social changes that accompany the teenage years can leave some teens susceptible to mental health concerns. Behaviors like a defiant attitude, physical and verbal aggression, academic struggles, or suicidal thoughts and actions can indicate that teens need help. Without treatment, mental health disorders can continue on into adulthood. Treatment from our accredited center can help the teens in your life build a strong foundation for a healthy life.

Imagine if mental health was cool.

Imagine if mental health was cool. Imagine if it was viewed as a strength, not a weakness. At our Imagine centers, teens can find themselves and their purpose. Through our supportive treatment plans, teens can find new ways to manage their mental health. We offer a safe haven for kids and teens who are ready to become part of a community and take control of their lives. Our centers aren’t hospital settings—instead, we’ve worked to cultivate spaces where teens and their families can feel at home and find identity and meaning.


Imagine Seattle offers a full-day treatment program for adolescents ages 12–17. Our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs treat mental health concerns and behavioral disorders in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment.

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Program Hours
& Length

Patients attend sessions five days a week for six hours a day, for a maximum of 30 hours per week.

of Care

Imagine Seattle delivers quality and consistent care to every teen using a treatment model based on a scientific, medically-proven approach. Our staff assures a safe, welcoming, and treatment-focused environment.


Treatment Modalities

In our outpatient adolescent treatment programs, we offer a variety of therapies and services, including:

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Groups, Counseling,
& Care

Psychiatric & Nursing Care

All patients will participate in a minimum of two sessions each week with our center’s psychiatrist as well as crisis intervention on an as needed basis. Medications can be incorporated into treatment as appropriate, and on-site nursing care will be available every day to address any medical needs and to assist with medication management.

Individual & Family Counseling

Our counselors will create a treatment plan and establish goals for your teen after conducting a thorough screening and assessment. This plan is reviewed with the participants at every individual counseling session and updates are made when needed.

Mental Health Counseling & Intervention

Through evidence-based approaches like cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy, the teens in our care build a strong foundation for lasting recovery. Through counseling, our patients can build the healthy coping skills needed to cope with mental health struggles.

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Paying for Treatment

The cost of treatment at Imagine is different for everyone. Every teen that enters the Imagine Program has a unique background and requires an individualized plan that addresses their specific mental health, medical, schooling and therapeutic needs.

We work with most insurance providers in the U.S. to provide the best possible coverage and minimize out-of-pocket expenses. Day treatment for teens is typically covered by parents’ insurance plans.

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