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Teen Relationship Counseling

group starting a teen relationship therapy programEach of us craves a connection with someone else, whether through friendship, family, or a significant other. Relationships are an integral part of leading a happy and productive life. Yet, for as beneficial as they are, trying to work through the intricacies of relationships can be difficult, especially for teens. A teen relationship therapy program can help guide teens through various relationship challenges they will face and help them process their feelings and emotions. Teen mental health treatment programs can help teens through relationship troubles and other mental health disorders.

At Imagine Seattle, we offer a teen relationship therapy program in Washington for teens aged twelve to seventeen who struggle with forming healthy relationships. We help improve their communication skills and build their confidence when facing unique social situations. Including identifying toxic relationships and discussing any questions they have about gender or sexuality. If your teen son or daughter is having difficulty forming relationships, fill out our online form or call 888.346.0473 today to learn more about our teen relationship therapy program.

How Can a Teen Relationship Therapy Program Help?

As your teen begins exploring relationships, it can be a very confusing time, and they may not feel comfortable talking with parents. A teen relationship therapy program gives teens a safe space to talk about interacting with friends and building new relationships. Teens learn it is perfectly normal to talk about their feelings, including talking about sex and attraction, without feeling uncomfortable.

Additionally, teens will work on resolving their feelings and emotions on many relationship issues, including:

  • Unreturned love and affection
  • Not letting what others say affect the way they see themselves
  • Attracting the right type of friends
  • Interacting with friends and family
  • Isolation
  • Communication
  • Building self-confidence

At Imagine Seattle, our teen relationship counseling program in Washington can help your teen through any relationship struggles they are facing. We provide a safe and non-judgemental space for teens to express themselves and work on building new relationships openly.

What to Expect During a Teen Relationship Therapy Program in Washington

For teens just starting to dive into forming new relationships and experiencing their first infatuation, it can be a scary and exciting time. Today’s generation of teens faces new relationship challenges, like social media and online dating. It can create new challenges in your teen’s development if they are subject to some of the negative attention that can come from the internet.

Therapists work with teens in a private setting to:

  • Resolve any feelings and emotions they have about the opposite sex or feeling attraction toward the same sex
  • Discuss gender identity and cope with any uncomfortable feelings toward gender confusion
  • Identify toxic relationships and how to speak up if someone is physically or mentally abusing them
  • Practice safe sex
  • Build confidence in talking with someone they are attracted to
  • Engage in social media practices to avoid any negative online experiences such as catfishing and cyberbullying

Discover the Teen Relationship Therapy Program at Imagine Seattle

Part of becoming a teen means exploring how relationships work. Unfortunately, many teens do not have the mental capacity to deal with the inevitable heartbreak of rejection and other relationship complications. At Imagine Seattle, our teen relationship counseling program in Washington can help teen boys and girls aged twelve to seventeen with any relationship issues they face.

Our teen mental health treatment programs can help with relationship troubles and other mental health disorders, such as:

  • Depression
  • Substance use disorder
  • Trauma
  • Co-occurring disorders

If you or your teen son or daughter needs help building relationships, call 888.346.0473 today to speak with our friendly staff about our teen relationship therapy program, or simply complete our online form.