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6 Family Therapy Activities for Teenagers

a teen hugging her mom after participating in family therapy activities for teenagers

During adolescence, most people experience some sort of strain on family relationships. Teens take time to express themselves, test boundaries, and begin developing autonomy of their own bodies. Parents rarely know how to help, discipline, or support their teens. For parents, siblings, and teens, one another’s daily habits can seem erratic, strange, or hard to relate to. A family therapy program can help loved ones improve communication, reconnect, and heal from shared trauma.

If you think your family could benefit from a family therapy program for teens, contact Imagine Seattle today. Our range of mental health programs helps adolescents ages twelve to seventeen in Seattle, WA. There are several approaches to family therapy. Because no two people or families are the same, everyone will respond differently to therapy. Contact Imagine Seattle today online or call us now at 888.346.0473 to learn how family therapy activities for teenagers to help them thrive.

6 Family Therapy Activities for Teenagers

1. Family Systems Therapy

Family systems therapy helps families understand and support mental health and mood disorders.

2. Functional Family Therapy

Functional family therapy is a short-term approach to crisis management for substance use and other sudden family changes.

3. Narrative Family Therapy

Narrative family therapy allows every family member to tell their side of the story for a holistic view of the family’s experience.

4. Psychoeducation

Psychoeducation uses therapy to educate family members on mental health disorders for a safe and supportive home environment

5. Group Therapy

Group therapy helps teens find commonalities with their peers. This form of therapy also gives teens a place where they feel like they belong.

6. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most common behavioral therapies used to help family members recognize, understand, and change harmful thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

Each type of therapy may use role play, allowing teens and parents to act out each other’s lives. They might also use psychodynamic techniques to develop emotional insight and structural techniques to establish boundaries and new routines. No matter the kinds of exercises, family therapy can reduce stress, improve communication, and improve mental health for everyone in the family. By fostering collaboration and compassion, family therapy activities for teenagers and parents help them feel more connected and less prone to anger and resentment.

What Are the Benefits of Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a type of group therapy that helps loved ones. Most often, family therapy helps those living under the same roof or families with shared custody living. Similar to individual therapy, family therapy works to uncover the root causes of emotions, thoughts, and experiences. It also helps family members change harmful dynamics, understand one another, and grow together.

Benefits of family therapy include:

  • Active listening
  • Compassionate communication
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Problem-solving
  • More deeply understanding other’s experiences
  • Changing toxic behavior and dynamics
  • Recognizing familial roles
  • Adapting to change
  • Addressing disfunction
  • Coping tools for daily stress and significant life changes

A family therapist provides non-judgemental listening and perspective. Most therapists will use several approaches and techniques tailored to each family’s specific needs. Unlike individual therapy, family therapy can help everyone in the family feel seen and heard. Often, when one family member struggles with mental health or substance abuse, other family members feel neglected or less important. Family therapy can bring balance, education, and understanding that helps every family member feel valued.

Family Therapy Techniques at Imagine Seattle

Family therapy programs can be one of the most significant investments in overall health. If you’re ready to learn more, the team at Imagine Seattle has a range of family therapy services ready to help your loved ones. Our Seattle, Washington programs focus on mental health and substance use treatment for teens ages twelve to seventeen and their families.

Our trauma-informed care at Imagine Seattle provides individual, group, and family therapy and management, education advocacy for young adults. With partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, we have a treatment schedule that fits your family’s busy life.

Begin Family Therapy with Your Teen at Imagine Seattle

Give your family the support you deserve. Learn more about family therapy activities for teenagers at Imagine Seattle today by calling 888.346.0473 or filling out our online form. Our team is standing by to answer your questions about effective family therapy techniques for families with teenagers, so reach out to us today.