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Does Teen Relationship Therapy Actually Work?

teen upset during teen relationship therapy

Relationships can be difficult for everyone. This can be a very confusing time for teens who are just starting to form new relationships. Teen relationship therapy is very beneficial in helping teens understand their thoughts and emotions while forming new relationships with their peers. This can be especially troubling for teens who are attracted to the same sex or are unsure of their own sexuality. Teen relationship counseling addresses many of the common relationship problems teens face today.

At Imagine Seattle, our teen relationship counseling program helps teens aged twelve to seventeen understand their feelings and how to form healthy relationships with others. We help them recognize unhealthy relationships and how devastating they can be to their mental health in teen relationship therapy. If you think your teen is having trouble forming healthy relationships, call 888.346.0473 today to speak with our knowledgeable staff or contact us online.

Is Teen Relationship Therapy Important?

Before you know it, your sweet, innocent child will turn into a teenager and begin facing raging hormones and changing emotions. As they begin exploring new relationships, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with their physical cravings. If they don’t know how to process these feelings or if they tend to internalize everything, it can lead to unhealthy relationships and growing mental health concerns.

Some of the common signs that your teen is struggling with relationships include:

  • Their partner is very controlling
  • They are intimidated by their partner
  • They are disrespectful and dishonest toward your teen
  • Unexplained bruising
  • Withdrawing from family and other friends
  • They become angry when you ask them about their partner’s behavior

At Imagine Seattle, our teen therapy for relationships gives teens the confidence and courage to stand up for themselves and not allow bad relationships to hinder their development. They learn how to recognize the signs of unhealthy relationships and how to avoid them in the future.

Skills Learned in Teen Relationship Therapy

It can be difficult talking with your teen about relationships if families do not establish open communication early on. It can make talking with their teen very challenging when dealing with confusing or troubling thoughts. Communication is key in understanding your teen’s feelings, and many families do not have the proper communication skills to help their child.

Some of the skills that our teen relationship counseling program will work on include:

  • Open communication – Therapists will work with your teen to develop their communication skills and learn to speak up for themselves or when their partner’s bad behavior hurts them.
  • Building trust – Establishing trust in a relationship is an important step. Therapists help teens understand how to build trust between each other and learn to recognize when their partner is not trustworthy.
  • Learning to listen and be heard – Listening is another essential skill that many teens have yet to develop. They will learn tips for helping them listen to their partner and show them that they hear and understand them.
  • Mutual respect – Teens learn to respect themselves and their partners by treating them with kindness and compassion. They learn how harmful negative comments can be and how to communicate with their partner in healthy ways that build trust and respect.

Choose Imagine Seattle for Our Beneficial Teen Relationship Counseling Program

Imagine Seattle provides effective care for teens who are having relationship problems. Our teen relationship therapy program gives teens the communication skills they need to form healthy relationships while being able to recognize unhealthy relationship traits from their partners.

Call 888.346.0473 or contact us online today if you suspect your teen has trouble forming healthy relationships and get them the help they need to build positive relationships in the future.