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Family Therapy for Teens

parent and teen in family therapy for teens

Your family is responsible for shaping you into the person you will become, for better or worse. Teens who grow up in a disruptive home environment where drug and alcohol use is prevalent are more likely to form an addiction early on. Family therapy for teens supports teens and their families with their addiction recovery and shows them how to create a supportive home environment. A family therapy program is for everyone in the family and gives them a safe and judgment-free space to talk about their feelings.

At Imagine Seattle, our substance use disorder programs include family therapy for teens aged twelve to seventeen who are struggling with addiction, mental health disorders, or both. Our behavioral therapists will work with families to help them understand how addiction affects each person in the family and how their actions contribute to your teen’s addiction. Contact us online or call 888.346.0473 today for more information about getting help for the entire family through our teen family therapy program for addiction treatment.

Why Is Teen Family Therapy Important for Addiction Treatment?

Multiple studies have shown that the stress of addiction has a direct impact on the entire family. Each person in the family can take on a role that can distract from the real problem and negatively affect their recovery. These roles are often subconscious, and family therapy for teens can help everyone in the family see how their actions affect others. Parents will often take on the role of a caregiver and inadvertently cover up the addiction, thinking they are keeping the family together. Or, they can become the heroes where they try to fix everything on their own.

At Imagine Seattle, our family therapy for teens creates a better home environment where they can continue their addiction recovery with the help of their families. We base our treatment plans around your teen’s unique symptoms and family dynamics. This allows us to provide a more effective treatment plan with a high rate of success in helping your teen lead a healthy and sober life.

What to Expect from Family Therapy for Addiction in Teens

Participating in teen addiction family therapy allows families a chance to heal from the devastating effects of substance abuse. It also gives your teen healthy coping skills that they will use to maintain their sobriety throughout their life.

Some of what you can expect from family therapy for addiction in teens include:

  • Behavioral therapists will work privately with teens to talk about what led to their addiction and how their thoughts and feelings change to create self-harming habits where they continue to abuse drugs and alcohol even if they want to stop.
  • Therapists will sit with family members to help them understand how addiction affects their child or sibling and everyone in the family. They allow everyone to talk about their feelings without judgment and give them coping skills to produce a stronger family bond.
  • Parents will learn how they can create a supportive home environment that will benefit their teen’s recovery.
  • Teens and their families will work together in group therapy to work on communication skills, rebuild trust, and fix broken relationships.

Rely On Imagine Seattle for Family Therapy for Teens

At Imagine Seattle, we provide teens with compassionate addiction treatment that includes family therapy for teens. We offer several types of addiction treatment programs that include:

  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Medication management
  • Education advocacy

To give your teen a fighting chance at leading a healthy and productive life, call 888.346.0473 today or contact us online to see how we can benefit their recovery and strengthen your family bond.