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Is My Child Being Bullied?

a bullied child sulks in their room

Parents can sometimes worry that their child is being bullied and, if so, wonder how they can help. Bullying is a form of terrorizing other teens with the intention of causing physical or emotional harm. It can cause teens to feel worthless, unwelcome, and afraid. If left untreated, teens who are bullied will develop unhealthy relationship traits and may start bullying others. A family therapy program helps teens who are being bullied and shows parents and siblings how they can support their son or daughter’s development.

At Imagine Seattle, we support teen boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 17 who are being bullied and struggling with depression, substance abuse, or other mental health disorders. When you arrive at our facility, our team will complete a full assessment to determine the best treatment program to address their unique symptoms. Teens learn how to communicate their feelings and that it is not OK for others to bully and threaten them. For more information about our family therapy program, call 888.346.0473 or fill out our online form today, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Is My Child Being Bullied?

Bullying is not harmless teasing among teens. Teasing is good-natured fun that can help teens bond with their peers and create lasting friendships. Bullying is intentionally causing physical or emotional harm to another to intimidate, terrorize, and threaten. Social media has created a new form of bullying where teens will go online to post embarrassing stories or photos, write spiteful messages, or openly convince someone to kill themselves.

If you are concerned that your teen is dealing with a bully, here are some of the signs of bullying to look for:

  • Your teen comes home with ripped clothing or missing backpacks, lunch boxes, or school books.
  • They suddenly become withdrawn from friends and family
  • Irrational mood swings
  • Faking being sick to avoid school
  • Trouble sleeping due to nightmares
  • Starts cutting or harming themselves or talking about death and suicide

At Imagine Seattle, we support teens who are being bullied and struggling with depression, anxiety, or substance abuse. We offer a full range of behavioral therapy to improve their self-esteem and develop coping skills to deal with any stressful situation in the future.

What to do if You See Signs of Bullying in Your Teen

If your teen is being bullied, it is often at the hands of someone who does not know how to cope with their own emotions, confusing thoughts, or troubles at home. The family of the bully must be made aware of their actions so they can help their teen.

If you see signs of bullying in your teen, here are some things you can do to support them:

  • Talk with your teen to try and get information about the person bullying them so you can alert school officials, police, or parents about the abuse.
  • Enroll them in a behavioral treatment program to treat symptoms of depression, lack of self-esteem, or substance abuse caused by the bullying.
  • Participate in family therapy with your teen to address any problems at home that are impacting their mental health.
  • Become more involved with your teen’s life by spending time with them after school and talking with them about their day.

Imagine Seattle: Family Therapy Program For Teens Who Are Being Bullied

If you are asking yourself, Is my child being bullied? Imagine Seattle can help. We support teens aged 12-17 who are being bullied through our outpatient treatment facility. We work closely with teens and their families to work on the issues that are negatively impacting their education and development. Teens will develop healthy coping and communication skills while parents and siblings learn how to create a supportive home environment.

If you suspect your teen is being threatened by a bully at school, call 888.346.0473 today to talk with our team about enrolling them in our mental health treatment center.