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The Link Between Social Media and Depression in Teens

Teenager scrolling through phone while experiencing the effects of social media and depression

There is a direct connection between social media use and how it affects a teenager’s mental health. Research shows that the rate of depression among teenagers is much higher with avid social media use. This leads to difficulty building and keeping healthy relationships and can lead to co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. To learn more about the link between social media and depression in teens, contact Imagine Seattle today at 888.346.0473 and inquire about our depression treatment program.

The Social Media and Depression Link

How does social media affect teenagers’ mental health? The proof is in the research, and studies show that a dependency on social media can cause teens to isolate, become depressed, develop anxiety, and feel hopeless. Depression treatment programs, like the one at Imagine Seattle, help re-educate teens on healthy ways to interact with others. 

Without a focus on social media, teens can interact in healthier ways with like:

  • Speaking up in class
  • Attending in-person parties, events, and gatherings
  • Spending time with people face-to-face to build real relationships
  • Managing conflicts in person versus hiding behind social media
  • Participating in teamwork activities with peers
  • Spending time with adults who are mentors

Overuse of social media can both be a catalyst that leads to depression or something that teens hide behind because of their depression. When a teen becomes more invested in their virtual reality online rather than their physical reality, the results can be devastating. Anxiety and depression can worsen, and in-person social interaction can cease altogether.  

Benefits of a Depression Treatment Program

The reality is that most teens will experience depression at some point. In some cases, it is mild and only lasts briefly. However, social media causing depression in teens may lead to unhealthy stress levels and poor decisions. 

A depression treatment program focuses on building confidence and positive self-esteem in teens battling depression. They learn valuable life skills to meet challenges head-on and avoid future pitfalls, like the vortex of social media. In a depression treatment program, talking through feelings is a key element and helps teens manage their symptoms independently once they leave treatment.

The benefits of depression treatment for teens can include the following:

  • A comfortable and supportive environment 
  • Healthier relationships
  • The support of peers going through the same experience
  • Learning better coping and communication skills
  • Better awareness of the effects of depression
  • Being able to express feelings better
  • Renewed confidence

A depression treatment program gives teens a fighting chance by arming them with the tools they need to manage their symptoms. Being among peers in a safe, structured, and supportive environment rounds out the advantages of seeking treatment at an accredited facility.  

Seek Depression Treatment for Teens at Imagine Seattle

With the prevalence of social media use among teens today, anxiety, bullying, and depression are rising. Teens are unaware of the negative effects upfront because they are focused on instant gratification and the connections they initially feel. Unfortunately, a teen’s deep dive into social media and reliance on it for validation in many parts of their life can lead down a destructive path. For this reason, Imagine Seattle offers a variety of mental health treatment programs including depression treatment.

The Imagine Seattle team works closely with teens so that they have the right coping skills to manage the symptoms of their mental health issues. The depression treatment program is designed for both teens and their families, so the right support system is also created at home.

Being able to receive customized treatment for mental health concerns stemming from social media–specifically for teens–is invaluable. Call on the Imagine Seattle team today at 888.346.0473 or visit us online to learn more about the connection between teens, social media, and depression.