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Benefits of Individual Therapy

adolescent reaping the benefits of individual therapy with counselor

Individual therapy has many benefits. Trained professionals will work closely with your teen to work through their mental health issues. Traditional evidence-based therapies alongside experiential therapies combine to create a unique and customized treatment plan for each person. This holistic approach has proven highly effective in successfully treating teens for mental health concerns.

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Benefits of Individual Therapy

As part of a complete treatment program, individual therapy has many benefits in treating mental health conditions in teens. It provides a private and safe space to share openly. In addition to having a comfortable environment to talk about their issues, your teen will work with their therapist to develop tools and skills to better cope with mental health issues in everyday life. Some individual therapy benefits for teens are listed below.


Many teens struggling with a mental health condition are uncomfortable talking about it. In most cases, they have probably tried to hide it from those they are closest to up until the point of seeking treatment. So, the idea of sharing their struggles with strangers can seem daunting. Knowing that an individual therapy program provides them with a safe space where a trained therapist will be their confidant can put their mind at ease as they go through their treatment journey. 

A Better Understanding of Mental Health

Individual therapy focuses on getting to the root of their condition. Learning how thoughts, emotions, actions, and events can trigger symptoms will help better understand their overall condition. Teens can better communicate about their condition through different techniques and skills learned.

Better Relationships

Strained or toxic relationships can commonly cause or trigger a mental health issue. Therapy will help teens avoid unhealthy relationships and guide them in how to repair meaningful relationships that may have suffered due to their condition.

A Focus on Interests and Hobbies

Individual therapy also focuses on refocusing negative thoughts and energy on more productive activities. Finding things that bring your teen happiness will support them in their continued recovery once they leave a treatment program. 

A Focused Treatment Environment 

Being in an environment focused on your teen and their well-being is one of the most significant advantages. Individual therapy is about your teen and their unique needs through a customized treatment plan.  

Going at Your Own Pace

Each patient progresses at their own pace. Individual therapy allows your teen to progress on a timeline that works for them, not a set schedule. This can alleviate some of the pressure they feel as part of their struggles.  

What Does an Individual Therapy Program Look Like?

Whether treating a substance use disorder, a mental health condition, or a dual diagnosis, utilizing multiple therapeutic modalities—including individual therapy—has a high success rate with patients. Individual therapy can help with mental issues surrounding toxic relationships, gender identity, substance abuse, physical abuse, eating disorders, and more. Therapists work one-on-one to gain each patient’s trust so that they will feel comfortable sharing in a safe and supportive therapeutic environment.

Through therapy sessions, a therapist will work with your teen to help uncover the root of their mental health struggle and then help them develop healthy coping skills to manage the struggles in everyday life. 

Reach Out to Imagine Seattle for Individual Therapy for Your Teen

At Imagine Seattle, we offer several therapeutic approaches in our partial hospitalization program (PHP), including group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and trauma therapy.

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