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Does My Teen Need Trauma Therapy?

teen upset in a trauma therapy session

How do you know who needs trauma therapy, especially in teens? It can be difficult to separate symptoms of trauma from normal teenage angst as they go through a wide range of new emotions and sensations. Many parents will assume their mood changes and inappropriate behavior is normal teenage acting out, especially if they are unaware of any trauma they may have experienced. Trauma therapy can give teens the coping skills they need to address any trauma they experience without turning to drugs or alcohol, or other risky behavior.

At Imagine Seattle, we help teen boys and girls aged 12-17 struggling with a recent or past trauma. Our trauma therapy focuses on your teen’s specific symptoms to create a treatment program that will give them the skills they need to cope with their trauma and any stressful situation in the future. If you are worried that your teen is struggling with their mental health, call 888.346.0473 or contact Imagine Seattle online to see how trauma therapy in Washington can benefit your teen’s development.

What Is Trauma Therapy?

Trauma therapy is a form of talk therapy that focuses on how a traumatic experience can affect a teen’s mental and physical development. Therapists work with teens to uncover the trauma affecting them and help them recognize the thoughts and emotions that it triggers. By understanding how the trauma affects them, they can begin forming healthy coping skills to reduce any trauma-related symptoms that interfere with their growth and education.

Three types of trauma can affect teens, which are:

  • Acute trauma is from a single incident like a car accident, theft, or the death of a loved one.
  • Chronic trauma is when teens experience ongoing trauma, such as domestic violence, neglect, or emotional abuse.
  • Complex trauma is where teens experience multiple traumas over an extended time, often at the hands of a parent, sibling, or significant other.

At Imagine Seattle, we work with teens and their families to help them understand the trauma therapy definition and what is involved with the recovery process. Without trauma therapy, your teen’s symptoms will only worsen and can significantly impact their development and future happiness.

How to Recognize Who Needs Trauma Therapy

Teens go through a wide range of thoughts and emotions that can just be due to normal teenage growth. How can you tell who needs trauma therapy?

Some of the signs to look for to know if your teen needs trauma therapy include:

  • Constantly worrying – Teens who experience trauma are more likely to feel fearful of other situations and experiences. They constantly worry about upcoming events, which can cause chronic stress and anxiety, and withdraw from the activities they once enjoyed.
  • Uncontrollable rage or angry outbursts – Teens can go through severe mood swings and seemingly act out over nothing. This can include crying, screaming, laughing, or other extreme emotions.
  • Feelings of shame or guilt – If teens blame themselves for the trauma, it can lead to irrational shame or guilt that can worsen depression or other mental health disorders caused by the trauma.
  • Panic attacks – Your teen may experience sudden panic attacks for no apparent reason. This can include hyperventilating, shaking, sweating, and uncontrollable fear.

Choose Imagine Seattle for Compassionate and Effective Trauma Therapy

At Imagine Seattle, our experienced team knows how to recognize who needs trauma therapy by getting to know our patients and helping them talk about the trauma. Our certified therapists will determine the best form of treatment based on your teen’s current physical and mental health.

If you are concerned for your teen’s development after a recent trauma, call 888.346.0473 or fill out our online form today to get them the help they need to lead a healthy and productive life.